Isolaz Treatment

Isolaz Treatment

Barnett Dermatology now offers the Isolaz™, a device which utilizes a unique PPX™ vacuum technology and light to unclog the oil glands and destroy acne-causing bacteria in the skin. Isolaz™ treatment combines a gentle vacuum with therapeutic broadband light to help rid your skin of acne causing impurities.
The vacuum gently lifts the acne impurities closer to the skin’s surface, which helps loosen and extract blackheads, dirt, debris, dead cells and excess oil from deep within your pores. The broadband light destroys the acne causing bacteria, sloughing the dead skin cells and oils away. Additionally, it reduces pore size and appearance, and improves skin tone and texture. Isolaz leaves you with minimized pores, skin feeling tighter and a smooth complexion.
Results are usually seen even after the first or second treatment, although a series is usually necessary for optimal improvement.

Benefits to the Isolaz™ treatment:

  • Safe and painless procedure.
  • Can be used for all skin types and on all acne-prone areas (face, chest and back).
  • No downtime (immediate return to normal activities).

The Isolaz™ can also be used for:

  • Photo-rejuvenation (photo-facial) of sun-damaged skin to remove sun spots.
  • Rosacea